Power Transmission Equipment

We offers a wide range of products for all your technological needs.

Trusted by 250+ world-class brands and organizations.

Ggt Srl has been chosen by numerous companies worldwide to be assisted in the creation of specific products such as gear splindles, gear couplings and universal shafts.


Powering your products with italian engineering

Located in a strategic point of Italy and surrounded by strategic suppliers, GGT Power Transmission Equipment is able to respond to every requirement, guaranteeing high-standard services thanks to our flexible manufacturing process, full stock availability and skilled collaborators.

All this supported by our management system according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018

Customization is no longer a dream

Our customers know that our company GGTeam - Power Transmission Equipment will provide the best technical solution wherever and whenever required.
What we do


GGT Power Transmission Equipment offers a wide range of products for all your technological needs.

PTE - Universal Shafts

Light, Medium And Heavy Duty

PTE - Gear Couplings

Several Solutions (Standard, High Torque, Safety Device etc)

PTE - Elastic Couplings

Products like Disc pack, Pin and bush Star etc

PTE - Gear Splindles

Designed For Steel Plant (Long And Short Products, Hot And Cold Rolling, Seamless Tube)

PTE - Special Products

Products specifically made on demand


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All products are designed and manufactured by GGT and its production partners.

GGT – Power Transmission Equipment is always focused on customer´s satisfaction. For that purpose, the company invests regularly in innovation,listening to custmer needs based on their given condition of production and technological need.

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Elastic couplings are mechanical devices used to connect rotating shafts, providing flexibility to compensate for misalignments and vibrations. They work by utilizing an elastic element, such as rubber or polyurethane, to absorb shocks and transmit torque. Elastic couplings offer benefits like misalignment compensation, vibration damping, shock absorption, and easy maintenance.

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